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Our Trainings

Kid’s Training

All children need to improve as individuals, so Shikshalaya has a Life Improvement Programme which is regularly run for students for acquire these skills to use in their lives. Once a child has fairly good understanding of English, they start following courses:

  • How to learn things properly?
  • How to communicate properly?
  • How to be very Ethical and Moral?
  • How to think logically and more?

Teacher’s Training Programme

Shikshalaya offers a unique training programme for teachers who can handle all aspects of educating an individual. The program covers:

  • How to study
  • How to Communicate with others and our environment
  • How to have Happy and Healthy Children
  • How to have Ethical and Moral Students
  • How to increase children’s IQ and aptitude and many more courses.

Parents Training

Parents have different topics of interest. Basically they want to be a good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart to give the best to their child. In our school, we closely get this topics to create a monthly Seminar for parents, so they feel an important part of our community. Helping the parents to obtain understanding of an agreement with certain moral values to get their children follow them is vital in our curriculum.

Some topics that has been successful:

  • Communication skills to find out what the child’s problem really is. Agreements  without crushing their own solution.
  • How to successfully handle child’s upset and mishaps.
  • Raising up children with good control
  • Getting children to be and behave collaboratively.
  • Engaging kids in nutritious food
  • Parents involved in projects and cultural, community activities as well.