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Fees Structure and Policies

Admission, School & Daycare Fees

Admission Fees:
Rs.15400 (onetime payment at the time of admission)

School Fees:
Rs.6600 per month

School + Daycare:
Rs.11000 per month


Tuition Fee: Nursery till 10th Class
Individual Tuition Rs. 550 per hr (all subjects twice a week)

Policies & Payment Terms

  • Shikshalaya accepts fee in the form of cash, cheques, or credit cards on or before 7th day of every month. The cheques are accepted on or before 5th day of the month.
  • Adhere to study technology as the method of instruction.
  • The children will always be accompanied by the school staff or by or by their parents inside the school premises, in the school transport or on any activity school is arranging like school trips, picnics or visits to different places from school.
  • The students will pay the whole fee for the time he is not attending the school if his admission is there in the school. Once the student is taken out from the school. His admission is cancelled. If he wants to come back, he/she has to pay whole admission fee at the time of re-admission. If a staff’s ward is going with the parents for training abroad. In that case, the student will be taken out from the school and when he/she comes back his re-admission fee will not be charged again. The children of both Scientology staff will not pay any admission fee or re-admission.
  • For all students, it is necessary to attend 80% school /class working days. The admission will be cancelled if the student doesn’t qualify attendance requirement.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence from school for more than 10 consecutive days will result in cancellation of admission.