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Shikshalaya: A Real Learning Place

Shikshalaya is an independent, co-educational day boarding school open to students from around the world. We offer a comprehensive and skill enhancing study program developed under the guidelines of NCERT with a strong emphasis on practical learning for toddlers through senior secondary school students.

The Shikshalaya community is a diverse, many different classes and cultural backgrounds.

Teaching Study Technology

Project Based Learning

Day Care & Nutricious Meals

Parents Training Programs

“Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.”

Why Shikshalaya?

We offer a comprehensive and skill enhancing study program developed under the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework.

Technology on 'Learning How To Learn'

Provide an effective technology on learning how to learn as to allow children understanding and application in any subject they become interested.

Develop 21st Century Skills

Develop 21st century skills in students for today’s world, such as logical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and effective communication which are taught and assessed.

Project Based Learning

Active learning project- based, where work is focus on significant child’s content, and fully aligned with National Curriculum framework.

Design Assessments To Influence Quality

Assessment are designed to influence the quality of what teachers teach and what students learn. The process and purpose of assessment have shift from merely assigning grades/awarding marks to include constructive viewpoints to assist the learners’ improvement. This gives a more humane approach and it enables the learner to grow in to a responsible and productive citizen.

How we Make Learning Fun for Kids?

Have a glimpse of our programs, facility & activities and see how e make learning engaging for kids.

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