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Sponsor a Child

Education for All

According to our Indian Constitution, education is a fundamental right to the citizens of our country. But let’s face it. How many kids do actually have this as a right? Sure our government is doing some things to improve the literacy rate in our country but still we do not have world class education available everywhere for everyone.

Shikshalaya has taken this as an initiative, in collaboration with individuals through a sponsorship program, to invest in our children who will become tomorrow’s civilization.

Sponsor a Child

Through this program anyone can sponsor a child’s education to make a difference! We select children from underprivileged families who fulfil the qualifications to be admitted to Shikshalaya and we help them get a world class education where they can become very able and stand on their own feet. By taking this responsibility, we can ensure that our future will be better.

At this moment Shikshalaya is sponsoring 6 children from underprivileged families. These kids are now flourishing and prospering. Their parents also feel good that they can give their children quality education. But this is just a drop in the ocean.

We would like to take on more kids who are able with the help of sponsorship program.

Our Success Stories 

Here are the Successes that these students have achieved in the School:


Mayank is 4 years old and is developing fast using study technology. Before coming to Shikshalaya, he was very shy and use to sit in one place and watch everybody. Then our Study tech trained teacher Manisha started to work with him. In five months, his confidence and ability to learn has increased to a level that he can freely communicate and can confidently apply what is taught in class.

Two other 7 year old students, Subhash and Kunal, are also from families who cannot afford the fee for the education. Subhash only understood Oriya language and Kunal’s self-esteem was very low.

So our study and communication technology trained teachers worked with these students, and now they achieve 100% understanding in their academics, and their confidence is increasing in what they do in school.

Muskaan is an 9 year old student who has aptitude for music. Father cannot afford the fee of a private school and her music training. So she is being trained under our music teacher and Study Tech expert and has made excellent progress.

How You Can Help?

If you have read this far then it proves that you hold one thing in common with us which is you care about the society and children.

This kind of activity needs to be supported financially and with your help we can make it. We can create a bigger impact on our society. Your generous donations to the School are tax exempt under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act. You can decide to sponsor a child for Rs. 10,000 ( 150$) a month or half sponsorship of a child with Rs. 5,000 a month.