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Creating Competence and Greatness with Education.

A Message from Ana Nunez, Executive Director of Foundation for Effective Education

Ana Nunez – Executive Director

For over 5 years, Shikshalaya has served as a vital stepping-stone in our Delhi community, helping children with Study Technology to develop the skills and self-confidence required to successfully transition classes with optimum understanding and practical knowledge education. We provide a comprehensive, individualized approach to learning. At Shikshalaya, we recognize the different needs of students in every area of life, and we provide the integrated curriculum that contribute greatly to their success as fully skilled and ethical persons.

Shikshalaya parents, teachers and administrative work hand-in-hand to ensure the best possible educational plans for our students. When students arrive at our school, they immediately feel the difference that comes from a nurturing, supportive environment. They feel safe, yet challenged, to reach their fullest potential through base learning -project, and they make new friends, establishing relationships that are key in their life.

If you know a child who could benefit from an enhanced learning environment, we invite you to explore our website and visit our school for an in-depth personal tour. We look forward to sharing our vision for a world where every child finds the tools they need to learn, understand and practice any subject, and to grow as a successful being to lead his life and contribute with others.


Mukta Bhatt – Principal

Shikshalaya has been established with a vision to make it an ideal school where we nurture the leaders of next generation. We have grown from a Play School to a Middle school in these three years of our existence.

Most of our students are becoming independent learners at an early age of 8 years under the guidance of Study Technology Expert Teachers and we train students on study technology once they understand English fairly well by themselves. In these three years, I have seen students’ IQ increasing month wise and average students turning to intelligent students with the use of study technology. Not only students, I have seen teachers becoming happier and brighter using Study Technology and Ethics Technology building a stronger team of education

Professionals. Their responsibility to make their students abler has increased tremendously with training./span>