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Logical Thinking and Moral Values

Historically, the mission of schools has been to develop in the young both the intellectual and the moral virtues. Concern for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for others, is the domain of moral education.

In Shikshalaya, the aim to develop a clear sense of ethics in the child, and to restore the formation of students’ moral values takes a central place in schooling. Rather than simply adding on to the other responsibilities of schools, such as numeracy, literacy, and other goals, a focus on good, ethical choices permeates the entire school experience.

Our school’s activities, traditions, rules, and procedures have an impact on students' sense of what is right and wrong and what is desired and undesired behaviour. In addition to this, students have specific workshops, projects, to practice life skills, and civic virtues, to extend their influence in the community and develop confidence in their own abilities to change conditions in this society.

Logical thinking is emphases throughout the curriculum activities. It comprises a number of different skills that kids learn to make decisions, based on their own ability to observe and evaluate information to determine whether it has common sense or not. The logical thinking program, encourage them to approach life more analytical and less reactive.


Cultural Programmes – a Treat to One’s Eyes

From time to time, Shikshalaya organises many Cultural Programmes providing a platform for the children to showcase their talents, be it dances, songs, plays or fancy costume dress ups. These programmes play with a riot of colours and music.

They are held on different occasions such as Republic Day, Independence Day, etc. These programmes not only provide the children with  an insight about the meaning and purpose of their doingness but also enhance their confidence, confrontation and motivation skills. In the end, the children are  an perfect example of an epitome of elegance.

Cooking Workshop

We want our kids engaged in life activities, where they achieve and practice different abilities.

Activities include:

  • Surveying Kids ‘s food choices
  • Understanding a recipe and its origin
  • Clearing up meanings of words of gastronomy’s nomenclature
  • Use of real utensils, safety rules.

It’s a very much fun project focuses on nutrition education, healthy food preparation and developing some culinary skills. It’s also a significant opportunity to use mathematical concepts, history of dishes, geographical areas from where the food comes. Overall kids get a global gastronomic perspective as well as traditional Indian dishes, while cooking.


Art School

We opened Shikshalaya Art School in 2014, where all the accomplished teachers of different art streams joined us to make a successful art school; so far hundreds of students have taken service from us. Be it western or classical Dance like: Ballet, Kathak, Bollywood, Contemporary, Vocals- classical, ghazals, old and new Bollywood songs; instruments like: keyboard, guitar, then we also have theatre for kids where they learn the talent of acting along with that they not only gain self confidence but overcome hesitation to present oneself in front of the group; it enhances their communication skills.