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Toddlers’ Group

Shikshalaya Toddlers Group is a safe environment for children from age group 1 -2 years.The prime challenge for the child at this age group is to grow and develop his gross and fine motor skills. So it is very necessary for the child to be in group of children walking, running, throwing balls, jumping, climbing low height stairs and communicating with people around and with elements of Nature. It often is seen that children develop tremendously by being with other children and in group in this age group.

Shikshalaya Toddlers’ Program mainly covers following aspects:

  • Activities for development of Gross Motor Skills
  • Activities for development of Fine Motor Skills.
  • Enjoying Rhymes and songs: Singing and Dancing
  • Drawing and Painting using Edible Colours.
  • Water activities in Summers only.
  • Creating good Health for child.
  • Developing food habits.
  • Introduction to Manners.
  • Story Telling using puppets.

The Toddlers’ Teacher is trained in Technology to Live and Work with Children and knows how to handle any situation with a toddler.

Play School (Age Group 2-3 years)

  • Montessori Instruments for Learning by doing and developing fine motor skills
  • Nutritious freshly made food
  • Educational Toys
  • AC classroom and Cab Facility
  • Safe Turf Playground
  • Rides
  • Small Projects and hands on activities
  • Water Activities only in summers
  • Visit to the nearby parks
  • Sandbox for gross motor skills
  • Simple Sports like racing, jumping, ball throwing
  • Puzzles for developing IQ of learners
  • Immense stress on art and Craft activities
  • Simple scientific activities especially designed for play school children

Nursery and Kindergarten

  • Individual and Group projects: hands on activities
  • Reading and Writing through projects
  • Extensive interaction with English and Hindi Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Special emphasis on manners, ethical and moral behavior.
  • Individual special programs to develop particular skills for individual student available whenever needed
  • Round table seating arrangement
  • AC Classroom and AC Cab available

Senior Primary and Middle School

  • Curriculum and Syllabus based on the guidelines of National Council for Education Research and Training ( NCERT).
  • All classes run on Project Based Learning.
  • Students actively participate in learning process one on one or in teams.
  • Promotion to next classes based on fulfilling Graduation Requirements not only on the exams of subjects only.
  • Special emphasis on creation of academic excellence along with living skills, arts ,sports, ethics and morals.
  • Assessment based on demonstration of skill achieved.
  • AC classroom and Ac Cab available.
  • Study Technology used by students and teachers for 100% understanding of subjects.
  • Personality Development Programs run as a part of curriculum.